Charmaine McGregor

Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Life and Wellness Coach

Charmaine McGregor, Reiki and Wellness Coach

I am Charmaine McGregor.

I work one on one with clients who are looking for holistic, sustainable tools and strategies, to help create lasting change for their mind, body and soul.

How do I do that? As a qualified Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Life and Wellness Coach, I help you move from feeling stressed, overwhelmed and fearful, into feeling more bliss, joy and balance in your everyday live.

I started my journey in the fitness and health industry over 16 years ago as a personal trainer and wellness coach so I have a strong understanding on how the body moves and what it requires to feel well.

After working with clients from all walks of life, it became abundantly clear, that while exercise was an awesome trigger for change and transformation, it was not the only aspect needed for a person to achieve their true potential. The inner work is where the true transformation can begin.

I am excited to be working more closely with Shell as we have had a strong well-being relationship for the past decade and love to be able ruminate and co-create in this area.

I love organising bespoke wellness events and regularly collaborate with other like-minded souls for workshops, expos and retreats. I love wellness networking and have a strong
referral network.

I am a Mum and live in North Canterbury close to the beach. I love an adventure, laugh lots and am always planning the ultimate retreat in my imagination.

Reiki Treatment room

It feels good to feel well

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Charmaine is a soul who is a teacher, mentor, friend and an out right beautiful soul. I’ve been doing Reiki Healing with Charmaine for two years now. She’s my spiritual teacher and a good friend. Reiki with her is amazing!! She speaks to me beforehand about life & what area is troubling me the most. She will guide me through before we start so I know what to expect. Afterwards Charmaine and I will talk about how I feel afterwards with a glass of water.

If you’re looking for someone who is fun, bubbly, always has a smile on her face, enjoys her work, who is out right inspiring and easy to connect and relate too, Charmaine is your person. There is no else whom I would ask for Reiki but her.

Sam S

North Canterbury

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