It matters to me that you benefit from your time here.

The Experience

I want to know you are at ease in your environment here.

Sensitivity to Smells?

Let me know prior. I never wear anything scented, and it is helpful to know if you are, so I can schedule you into a time when the room is least scented. Natural carrier oils and balms are available.


Are you sore, frail or touch-sensitive?

I can cater to most situations, making adjustments to how we work together. I will bolster you to be comfortable, especially if it is your back. My table will hold 160kgs and is very sturdy. I also have a zero gravity chair (100kgs), which can be used as well.

This is a safe, professional therapeutic environment – treatments are not sensual or sexual. I would ask that any queries you have about the session, are clarified at the outset, and not on the table.

Many people do not like their feet being touched which is absolutely fine. If there is an area you don’t wish me to work, please say.

I will outline the session before we begin, based on our mutual discussion.

Music, Meditation or Silence?

I love to know your likes and dislikes!

Sound, or lack of, can make your session. I am happy to prepare a playlist for you, or you can bring your own. Music is possibly my favourite interest and creative outlet. I enjoy almost anything but am most passionate about ambient, indie and electronica genres.

I can add a meditation into the time window, something binaural or a heart coherence focussed track.

Focussing on breath, will be a key component to your session. How important is it to breathe?!

When you are in the quiet, you can reconnect with yourself and often the answers come.



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