Indian head massage

Indian head massage

Have you thought about trying this wonderful Ayurvedic treatment?

Indian Head Massage was historically performed between women for well-being and to enhance the condition of the hair and scalp. Traditionally, it was passed down from mother to daughter, yet today it is widely performed including in barber shops in India, beauty and complementary therapy settings world-wide.

It begins with gentle connecting movements and breathing, sweeping moves on the shoulders, squeezing of the shoulder and neck muscles, while safely supporting the head. Points are pressed on the head and face to help relieve stress and tension in general, headaches and sinuses. The routine includes a good scalp massage that gives the hairdresser a run for their money! Oils can be applied to enhance the treatment on request. It is performed seated with the recipient remaining fully clothed.

Indian Head Massage is a great complementary therapy as it is very, very relaxing. It makes a perfect half hour voucher idea and fits nicely as an add-on to any of the other wonderful treatments we offer at Reflexable.

Consider Indian Head Massage for a community group setting, pamper nights and for other events.

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