Relaxation massage at Reflexable

Relaxation massage with flowing strokes to relax your muscles

Have you got sore, tight muscles or just want to unwind and treat yourself?

Our massage style primarily uses Swedish techniques with flowing strokes at a pressure to suit you, designed to relax your muscles and release tension. We use a range of products from locally made balms, aromatherapy oils and can tailor treatment for most circumstances, for example, allergies or scarring.

Where appropriate, we will refer you for treatment to other practitioners, if we feel that will achieve the best outcome for you.

Pregnancy massage

This is a time when mum-to-be needs a treat! Same as the relaxation massage but pillows placed appropriately for maximum comfort and the treatment is more tailored to the areas of most discomfort. This is especially beneficial in the last trimester.

Elderly massage

Know somebody who is not always able to get out and about as easily? Talk to us about how we can tailor a mobile visit to someone you care for at their home. The elderly are often touch deprived and a gentle hand massage and some conversation can really brighten their day.

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