All massage is strictly professional and therapeutic.

Relaxation Massage

The massage style primarily uses Swedish techniques with flowing strokes at a pressure to suit you, designed to relax your muscles and release tension.

Using a range of products from locally made balms, aromatherapy oils, I can tailor the treatment for most circumstances, for example, allergies or scarring.

I get great results for

  • sciatic relief
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • lower back and leg tension

Whilst I can apply firm pressure to suit, I do not offer deep tissue massage. My focus is absolutely on relaxation and tension reduction. I will refer you for treatment to other practitioners, if we feel that will achieve a better outcome for you.

Pregnancy massage

This is a time when mum-to- be needs a treat! Same as the relaxation massage but pillows and bolsters are placed appropriately for maximum comfort.

The treatment is more tailored to the areas of most discomfort. This is especially beneficial in the last trimester when puffy feet, aching hips and shoulders can become a daily grind.

I am fortunate to be able to combine massage and reflexology techniques to help you feel even better. If you are past your due date and fed up, in consultation with your midwife ask me about priming you for labour with reflexology.

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