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Trust Your Gut

Trust Your GutLook out for an exciting collaborative package offer coming soon between Reflexable and Charmaine McGregor Healing. It combines both gut repair strategies and increasing your intuition. Clearance of self-limiting beliefs is key to this as well as optimising the microbiome.

The Gut-Brain-Immune (GBI) Axis

The last decade has seen a paradigm shift in our understanding of the bidirectional interactions between the gut and brain, furthering our understanding of the gut-brain axis. 

We now know, for example, that the enteric nervous system primarily governs brain-to-gut communications, utilising more than 30 neurotransmitters which exert powerful behavioural motivations, including those ‘gut feelings’.   

Conversely, there is also a rapidly emerging research area that looks specifically at the gut-to-brain interactions, which involve neurotransmitter production and immune signaling.

The human gut microbiome can be considered a virtual endocrine organ. It has the ability to directly produce and regulate neuro-endocrine compounds such as GABA, serotonin, oxytocin and cortisol which affect multiple body systems.

In addition, microbiota are potent modulators of intestinal and systemic immune cell function, suggesting the immune system also plays an important role in gut-brain-immune (GBI) interactions.

Research suggests, specific probiotic strains beneficially influence GBI interactions and assist in restoring balance. Lactobacillus reuteri strains have been shown to beneficially influence gut, brain and immune parameters and are currently being utilised in many GBI related conditions involving:

  • Changes in behaviour, mood and social connection
  • Neuro-inflammation and cognitive abnormalities
  • Food cravings, diet and metabolic management.

8 Weeks of Wellness

If you have a goal, ideally with a brief turnaround, then this would be the commitment for you.

Here are some examples:


There is a margin of flexibility to this package if you are working in with other health professionals as we are working around cycles and potentially IVF planning.

Mood/ Sleep Regulation

An intense window with strategies, peer support, product and regular reflexology to support the body coming back into balance.

Enhancing Metabolic Function

  • Do you have ongoing fatigue or a chronic illness?
  • Are you training for an intense sporting event and want to tap into enhanced performance and recovery?
  • Are you feeling the effects of heavy medication, drug, alcohol or nicotine use?

This 8 week period will involve the use of cellular catalysts for metabolism in the Kreb’s Cycle and oxidative phosphorylation chain.

Package Outline

  • First Session (1.5hrs) – Wellness Consultation including pH test and gut health baseline.
  • 6 hours of sessions as will be planned with you to get the most out of your commitment.
  • Last Session – (1.5hrs) – Wellness Consultation to re-evaluate, celebrate and recommend what else is possible.

Wellness PackageContact me to discuss doing any of these. Then we can create the windows that will work best based on the commitment you are making. Let’s get started!

N.B. Product is not included in the package price but a 10% discount is given on any that is recommended. Detoxification, gut repair and metabolic programs benefit from product to get optimal results. Taking product is an absolute choice and this will be established in the initial consultation.


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